Dr. Mario Bernardini, CEO, CMB Italy, Technoilogy, Italy
Dr. Ignace Debruyne, Technical & Market Consultant, ID&A, Belgium
Ir. Jan De Kock, Key Account Manager, DeSmet Ballestra, Belgium
Mr. David De Schaetzen, DeSmet Ballestra, Belgium
Mr. Stefaan Goen, General Manager, Damman Croes, Belgium
Mr. Dirk Heinrich, Sales & Technology Manager, Bühler, Switzerland
Mr. Kevin Jobling, Export Sales Manager, CPM Europa Crown, U.K.
Mr. Andrew Logan, Alfa Laval, Denmark
Dr. Stefan Neufeld, Senior Technical Application Manager Filtration, J. Rettenmaier & Söhne, Germany
Ing. Stanislav Pala, Technical Sales Manager, Solex Thermal Science , Canada
Dr. Peter Reimers, CEO, Arisdyne Systems, U.S.A.
Mr. Carlos Rodríguez Gaya, Head of Technical Sales EMEA, Clariant Iberica, Spain
Mr. Kevin Shadlock, Export Sales Manager, CPM Europa Crown, U.K.
Mr. Björn Schlüter, Sales Director, HF Press + LipidTech, Germany
Mr. Arthur vom Hofe, Sales Manager Oilseeds Division, CPM Roskamp Champion, the Netherlands
Mr. Rick Veldkamp, Sales Manager Europe, PMI-Tech (Europe), Netherlands
Dr Adam Wilson, Applications and Data Scientist, Keit Spectrometers, U.K.