Day 1: Monday February 12, 2018
8:55 am
Opening remarks
9:00 am
Chemistry & Processing of Oils & Fats - Palm, Palm Kernel and Coconut Oil, Dr. Ignace Debruyne, ID&A, Belgium
9:45 am
The Use of Magnetic Resonance Technology for Improving Palm Oil Extraction and Yield, Dr. Daniel Consalter, Fine Instrument Technology, Brazil
10:15 am
Coffee/Tea Break
10:45 am
Processing of Fresh Coconut and Recovery of Virgin Coconut Oil by Using Mechanical Centrifugation, Mr. Oscar Brückner, GEA Westfalia Separator Group, Germany
11:15 am
Use of Expeller Presses in Palm Kernel and Copra Oil Production, Mr. Enrique O. Diaz, Anderson International Corp., U.S.A..
Saving and Additional Oil Recovery Opportunities in Palm Milling and Processing, Mr. Haskell Cooke, CPM Crown Iron Works, Mexico
12:15 n
Lunch Break & Networking
1:30 pm
Technological Solutions to Limit 2/3-MCPDs in the Production of Crude Palm Oil and in Chemical Refining of Palm Oil,, Mr. Oscar Brückner, GEA Westfalia Separator Group, Germany
2:00 pm
D3PRO - A Green Clarification System: Best Oil Yield and Lowest Effluent Production, Mr. Favian Guevara, Alfa Laval, Colombia.
2:30 pm
How to Add Value to Palm and Palm Kernel Oil Refinery By-Products, Mr. Andrea Bernardini, CMB Italy-Technoilogy, Italy
3:00 pm
Vacuum Systems in Edible Oil Processing, Mr. Hernan Algarra, Croll Reynolds, U.S.A.
3:30 pm
Coffee/Tea Break
4:00 pm
Energy Generation in a Palm Processing Plant, Mr. Bob Vandedrinck, Vyncke, Belgium
4:30 pm
Critical Parameters in Palm Oil Refining, Mr. Favian Guevara, Alfa Laval, Colombia
5:00 pm
Nano Reactor Technology to Improve Chemicals Consumption in Neutralization and Biodiesel Production, Mr. Leon Pablo Espinosa, Desmet Ballestra, U.S.A.
5:30 pm
End of Day 1
Day 2: Tuesday, February 13, 2018
9:00 am
Session: Palm Oil Bleaching
9:00 am
Key Points in the Processing of Palm Oil, Mr. Roberto Berbesi, Oil-Dri Corporation of America, Colombia
9:25 am
Novel Bleaching Applications, Mr. Jorge Bello, EP Engineered Clays Corporation, USA
9:50 am
Palm Oil Purification Challenges Mr. Anibal Urizar, Clariant Productos Químicos, México
10:15 am
Round Table Discussion
10:30 am
Coffee/Tea Break
11:00 am
Palm Oil Filtration and Problems in Vertical Filters and How to Avoid Them, Mr. Bruno Reis de Oliveira Silva, Hollbras Filtros e Equipamentos, Brazil
11:30 am
Deodorizer Design in Palm Refineries, Mr. Hernán Paredes, CPM Crown Iron Works, Honduras
12:00 n
Introduction on the Palm Oil Crystallization Process, Mr. Andrés Rumayor, Palsgaard Industri, Mexico
12:30 n
Lunch Break
1:30 pm
Continuous Fractionation, iConfrac and Fractionation to Obtain Palm and Palm Kernel Fractions, Mr. Marc Hendrix, Desmet Ballestra, Belgium
2:00 pm
Enzymatic and Chemical Interesterification Technology for Novel Shortening and Margarine Hardstocks, Mr. Serge Ghion, Desmet Ballestra, Peru
2:30 pm
How to Mitigate 3MCPDs and DGs in Palm in Running Plants, Mr. Leon Pablo Espinosa¸ Desmet Ballestra, U.S.A.
3:30 pm
Coffee/Tea Break
3:30 pm
Controlling Oxidation Stability - Minimizing TFAs, 3-MCPDs and GEs in Refined Palm Oil, Dr. Ignace Debruyne, ID&A, Belgium
4:00 pm
Emulsifier Applications in Margarines and Spreads, Mr. Andrés Rumayor, Palsgaard Industri, Mexico
4:30 pm
End of program