Day 1: Thursday October 27, 2016
8:55 am
Opening remarks
9:00 am
Current Market Trends: Palm & Lauric Oils & Co-Products, Mr. Mauricio Posso, Fedepalma, Colombia
9:30 am
Chemistry of Palm, Palm Kernel and Coconut Oil, Prof. Paulo César Narváez Rincón, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia, University in Colombia
10:00 am
Good Manufacturing Practice in Palm Fruit Extraction to Obtain Quality Oil, Mr. Laubher Álvarez, Aceites Manuelita, Colombia
10:30 am
Coffee/Tea Break
11:00 am
Processing of Fresh Coconut and Recovery of Virgin Coconut Oil by Using Mechanical Centrifugation, Mr. Frank Schöning, GEA Westfalia Separator Group, Germany
11:30 am
Saving and Additional Oil Recovery Opportunities in Palm Milling and Processing, Mr. Hernan Paredes, CPM Crown Iron Works, Honduras
12:00 n
Sustainable Palm Oil Recovery – Avoiding effluent with GEA Westfalia Separator ECOD,, Mr. Frank Schöning, GEA Westfalia Separator Group, Germany
12:30 n
Lunch Break & Networking
2:00 pm
D3PRO - A Green Clarification System: Best Oil Yield and Lowest Effluent Production, Mr. Favian Guevara, Alfa Laval, Colombia.
2:30 pm
How to Add Value to Palm and Palm Kernel Oil Refinery By-Products, Mr. Andrea Bernardini, CMB Italy-Technoilogy, Italy
3:00 pm
Critical Parameters in Palm Oil Refining, Mr. Favian Guevara, Alfa Laval, Colombia
3:30 pm
Coffee/Tea Break
4:00 pm
Nano Reactor Technology to improve Chemicals Consumption in Neutralization and Biodiesel Production, Mr. Leon Pablo Espinosa, Desmet Ballestra, U.S.A.
4:30 pm
Vacuum Systems in Edible Oil Processing, Mr. Hernan Algarra, Croll Reynolds, U.S.A.
5:00 pm
Palm Oil Filtration and Problem in Vertical Filters and How to Avoid Them, Mr. Bruno Reis de Oliveira Silva, Hollbras Filtros e Equipamentos, Brazil
5:30 pm
End of Day 1
Day 2: Friday, October 28, 2016
9:00 pm
Practical Considerations for Efficient Selection of a Bleaching Adsorbent, Mr. Roberto Berbesi, Oil-Dri Corporation of America, Colombia
9:30 pm
Palm Oil Bleaching and Processing, Mr. Jorge Bello, Clariant Productos Químicos, México
10:00 am
Deodorizer Design in Palm Refineries, Mr. Hernan Paredes, CPM Crown Iron Works, Honduras
10:30 am
Coffee/Tea Break
11:00 am
Introudction on the Palm Oil Crystallization Process, Mr. Andrés Rumayor, Palsgaard Industri, Mexico
11:30 am
Enzymatic and Chemical Interesterification Technology for Novel Shortening and >Margarine Hardstocks, Mr. Serge Ghion, Desmet Ballestra, Peru
12:00 n
Continuous Fractionation, iConfrac and Fractionation to Obtain Palm Oil Mid Fraction, Mr. Marc Hendrix, Desmet Ballestra, Belgium
12:30 n
Lunch Break
1:30 pm
How to Mitigate 3MCPDs and DGs in Palm in Running Plants Today, Mr. Leon Pablo Espinosa¸ Desmet Ballestra, U.S.A.
2:00 pm
Controlling Oxidation Stability, Minimizing TFAs, and Reducing MCPD Esters in Refined Palm Oil, Dr. Ignace Debruyne, ID&A, Belgium
2:40 pm
Adding Value to Fats & Oils through Micronutrients Fortification: Use of DHA and Natural Antioxidants, Mr. Edmilson Calciolari, DSM Nutritional Products, Colombia
3:15 pm
End of program