Ms. Dagmar Behmer, Marketing Manager Applied Spectroscopy, Bruker Optik, Germany
Mr. Charles Brain, Managing Director, 3i Solutions, U.S.A.
Dr. Luca Bucchini, Managing Director, Hylobates Consulting, Italy
Ms. Carolina Chica Castaneda, Nutrition R&D, Benexia, Chile
Dr. Véronique Gibon, Science Manager, DeSmet Ballestra, Belgium
Dr. Kurt Haglund, Nutritionist/Product Specialist, AstaReal, Sweden
Mr. Anders Mølbak Jensen, Application Manager, Palsgaard, Denmark
Mr. David Palmer, Business Development Manager, Micropore Technologies, U.K.
Dr. Andreas M Papas, CEO, Antares Health Products, U.S.A.
Dr. Anna Romanotto, Food Cemist, PiCA Prüfinstitut Chemische Analytik, Germany
Ms. Margarita Salazar Peña, Industry Technology Specislist, Novozymes, Denmark
Dr. Michael Schneider, Technical Consultant, Lecico, Germany
Mr. Peter van der Zande, Product & Sales Manager, Sisterna/Cosun Food Technology Center, the Netherlands
Dr. Rob Winwood, Manager EMEA Nutrition Science and Advocacy, DSM Nutritional Lipids, U.K.
Dr. Andreas Wuzik, Site Manager, Nateco2 - Hopfenveredlung St. Johann, Germany
Dr. Markus Wysshaar, General Manager, Erbo Spraytech, Switzerland
Dr. Jochen Ziegler, Business Development Manager Pharma & Nutrition, Lipoid, Germany